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Whitening Offer. Now £149


Tooth Fairy was founded by dentists to help allow patients to smile effectively and safely. Our whitening treatment includes:
  • Custom made whitening tray that moulds to the shape of your teeth
  • Safe monitoring by a UK dentist
  • Effective whitening gels to help whiten the teeth
How does it work?
  • Our dentists supply you with whitening paste, which is applied inside your custom made whitening tray
  • The tray is worn one hour a day – whilst you watch T.V or commute to work!
  • See whiter teeth in days. 
  • You are in control – stop when you are happy with the colour.

Shaped to your smile.

 Whitening can help transform a smile without damaging the tooth tissue.

Our whitening ensures that your teeth are whitened using safe gels prescribed by a dentist.