Why do I need to remove my aligners when eating?

All Tooth Fairy patients are advised to wear their aligners for a minimum of 22 hours per day. So when are the 2 hours of the day when you don’t need to be wearing your Tooth Fairy Aligners? This is almost exclusively when you are eating! 


To Avoid Staining

Aligners are made form thermoplastic meaning they are very susceptible to picking up stains from everyday food and drink. This staining is permanent and cannot be reversed so you need to be careful! Once the aligners pick up stains, they are virtually impossible to remove. This means you lose the key benefit of Tooth Fairy aligners – their invisibility! 

This includes common liquids such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and red wine. Curries and tomato-based sauces are considered the most common staining foods. 

Tooth Fairy dentists recommend that you remove your aligners before eating or drinking anything apart from cold water and to brush your teeth and clean your aligners after every meal.


To protect your aligners 

When trying to eat whilst wearing your aligners can cause considerable damage. Whilst your aligners are built to withstand normal daily forces, chewing results in a large increase in forces in the mouth. As a result this massively increases the risk of aligner breakage, cracking and/or distortion.

Despite Tooth Fairy aligners being one of the strongest on the market, our dentists recommend that you remove your aligners before eating anything. 

Its very uncomfortable to chew anything!

Trying to chew properly and comfortably whilst wearing aligners is really hard! 
Wearing your aligners means all surfaces of your teeth are covered. This means its hard to grip and chew food properly.

As a result you will not be able to eat certain foods like meats and hard fruits.   

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