We use the most effective concentration of whitening gel allowed to be used in Europe, attained only by a dentists prescription.

– Exclusive formula developed by Toothfairy

-Only needs to be worn 1 hour a day

– Works alongside our Toothfairy Halo device

– Guaranteed Whitening effect

Was Now £249

Hello! Halo Device.

Working alongside our award winning app, our Halo Device helps accelerate your whitening process.

Whitening package includes:

💎 Four whitening syringes

🦷 Custom made whitening trays.

🤩 Halo LED Device

📱Access to Toothfairy app and dental assistance 

👨‍⚕️Free Dental exam 

Was Now £249

Techy Teeth.

Our machine learning technology app brings a dentist to you.

Our whitening guarantee includes:

💎 Whiter teeth

🦷 Dental Exam by a dentist

📱Access to Toothfairy app and dental assistance