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Unique Service

UK's first dental video calling app

We can assess your mouth profile in 3D and in real time. Unlike other providers, who ask for still images with a limited view, we can assess your progress just as we would do if you were sitting in our dental chair right in front of us.


Our aligners are the exact aligners we have treated patients in clinic and are manufactured by a specialist orthodontic lab.

All of our treatment is led by a dentist and professionally monitored. We do not cut corners or risk your safety through self-impression kits.

We have 24/7 professional monitoring, whether you are at work or at home. Our unique video consulting app allows you to select your personal dentist and arrange a time slot that is most convenient for you.

With regular video reviews, we ensure that you spend less time visiting a dentist and more time spending time being treated by one.



We are leading the dental technology revolution by developing patent pending technology to improve patient care. 

All of our dentists delivering advice are on the General Dental Council register and fully indemnified to work in the UK. As a dentist led company we ensure patient safety is at the centre of care.

From plans starting at £2.50 per day, we ensure that our patients see the benefits in our efficiency. 

Our treatment plan is cheaper than other providers, without sacrificing the quality of care received.

Our treatment plan begins at £1400

(Other clinic providers: £2,500 - £4000 + )


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