How To Trim Your Tooth Fairy™ Aligners

Our aligners are all hand checked and inspected before reaching you but sometimes there can b a small spot that still bothers you. This is because the mouth can be super sensitive at times! Therefore sometimes you may be instructed by your dentist to trim the aligners in the area that is causing the issue.  

How Do You Do It?

The first step is to identify the high point that is impinging against the gums or tongue. 
Once this has been located, look in your tooth Fairy Aligners box (what the first aligners were sent out in) and select the Tooth Fairy Wand that was given to you. 

Use the Wand to file down the high area – try to move the Wand in one direction so its nice and smooth. We recommend doing this one step at a time and keep trying until as little material as needed is removed.

Remember we want to ensure all your teeth are covered by the aligner so please make sure you do not remove too much material in one go. You can always take off more later if needed. Once its gone, its gone!  


What If Using The Wand Doesn’t work? 

If there’s too much excess material on your aligners which you can’t remove by using wand by itself, you can use small scissors to trim, and then use the Wand to smooth off the new edge.

However before doing this, please let your dentist know by using the Chat feature found on our award winning app – search Tooth Fairy in the App/Google Play stores.
The dentist will be able to advise you how best to trim the aligners either on the chat or by arranging a short video call. 

Only use scissors/cuticle scissors after speaking to your dentist. Gently cut away at the high part, being careful to not have your fingers near the area being cut. As with filing, please do this gradually, one step at a time trying to remove as little material as possible each time. 

Aligners job is to move the teeth so always make sure you do not trim below the gum line so that the aligner is always covering all of the tooth surface with a small amount of material left above the teeth!


Whatever you do, keep wearing your aligners. If you stop for a day or two, it’ll become harder to put them back in, which could make the discomfort last longer than it would otherwise.

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