Toothfairy™ Uses AI Dentistry to Track Patients’ Treatment

How do Toothfairy™ Use Smart Tech to Straighten Teeth? 

Toothfairy uses AI technology to detect and track patients’ teeth movement throughout treatment. The award-winning medically certified app includes AI technology to create a 3D dental plan of patients’ teeth. Using this plan, the patent-pending smart technology is able to track the movement of teeth throughout treatment to determine if teeth are moving quicker or slower than expected, or if any changes need to be made to the treatment plan. Toothfairy’s app is the first in the UK to be health-regulated, and real dentists have access to it 24/7 to check patients’ progress as well as answer any questions they might have. This combination of real dentists and AI technology means Toothfairy™ is pioneering digital dentistry.

What is AI Technology? 

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is the use of computers to simulate processes usually carried out by humans. Computers are able to learn and recreate tasks that would typically require human intelligence, such as Siri, self-driving cars, and of course digital dentistry. Using this smart technology makes the process of teeth straightening even more accurate and patient-specific, as the AI is able to spot things even the human eye wouldn’t be able to see. So not only will patients have a dentist on hand at all times via a secure video link, they will also have their teeth movement tracked by smart AI technology from the start to the end of their treatment.

Is Our Technology Teeth Straightening Safe? 

The Toothfairy™ app is the first dental app in the UK to be health regulated, as well as being medically certified and 100% safe for use with patients. Toothfairy™ also partners with real dentists to ensure patients only get the best possible treatment. 

AI Technology is Fast Tracking Patients’ Treatment 

Toothfairy’s patent-pending technology helps to fast track patients’ teeth straightening journey. By using artificial intelligence, Toothfairy™ ensures patients spend more time being treated by a dentist, and less time is lost travelling or sitting in a dental clinic, making strong healthy teeth accessible and convenient for everyone. 

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