Starting Your Tooth Fairy Aligner Journey

Unsure of how to make sure your Tooth Fairy Aligners are functioning properly? See below for some answers to simple questions regarding your Tooth Fairy treatment from Tooth Fairy Dentists.  

How Long Should I Be Wearing my Tooth Fairy Aligners?

Despite being removable, your Tooth Fairy Aligners are designed to be worn for around 20-22 hours per day. So this means you need to be wearing each aligner all night and for most of the day. They should only be removed when eating, drinking anything apart from water and when you brush your teeth in the morning and night. 
You will find it impossible to eat with the aligners in and this increases the risk of the aligners fracturing. We recommend taking out when drinking to avoid the aligners getting stained, ruining the invisible benefit of our Tooth Fairy Aligners. 

How Do I Wear My Tooth Fairy Aligners?

placing an aligner into the mouth

To avoid confusion, each Tooth Fairy aligner model is specially designed with your first name and the number of the aligner printed on the bottom corner. 

When placing each aligner in the mouth, gently push the aligner over your front teeth. Then apply equal pressure to each side, using your fingertips, on the biting surfaces of your back teeth (molars) until the aligner snaps into place. Often you will hear an audible click to highlight the aligner has been placed properly. 
Do NOT bite the aligners into position, this could result in fractures. 


Removing Tooth Fairy Aligners

removing an aligner from the mouth

As mentioned earlier in this post, you only should be removing your aligners when eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. 
When removing aligners, do one side at a time. On one side of your mouth, use your fingertip on the inside (tongue/palate side) of your back molar to slowly pull the aligner from the molars. 
Repeat this process on the other side of the mouth. You will be able to feel the aligner coming away from the back teeth. 

Once the aligner is fully disengaged on both sides from the molars, you can place your fingertips on the front part of the aligner to remove it completely from the mouth.  


How Do I Keep My Tooth Fairy Aligners Clean?

Tooth Fairy Dentists recommend cleaning your aligners prior to each insertion. Rinse the aligner thoroughly under cold water and use a soft or medium bristled brush and gently clean all surfaces. You do not need to use any products such as mouthwash to clean the aligner – this can stain the aligner permanently. Never place the aligner under boiling water or in cleaning products such as bleach.
Remember to keep up the recommended daily oral hygiene routine – brushing in the morning and in the evening before bed. Floss once a day, preferably in the evening prior to your evening toothbrushing.  Make sure to keep your regular dental and hygiene check up appointments during the course of your treatment. 


Tooth Fairy Dentist Top Tip 

If you are not wearing your aligners, store them inside your unique Tooth Fairy case. This will stop you losing them!

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