The recent figures show that nearly 10% of all dental treatment is an urgent appointment. But what happens to patients when their dentist isn't available to deliver advice? There is a large gap in patients accessing dental care out of hours, and the Tooth Fairy app helps fill this important void.

Tooth Fairy has developed a new technology that can show you what your new smile would look like from some selfie images. Only come to the clinic when you want to start your treatment!

Want to see if you are eligible for invisible teeth straightening? Submit a free consultation below, and one of our dentists will review it for free. 

Want to see a detailed outcome of your smile in 3D, but have not got time to come into the dental clinic? Save 85% and simply do it from home using our unique technology.

See your future smile

Fill in our free consult below. Our dentist will review your case and tell you if you are suitable.

Want to see your new smile in 3D, and see a before and after treatment preview? Then try our smile simulator.

All treatment is fully assessed and planned by a UK dentist.

Free e-Consult

Submit images of your mouth, and one of our dentists will review them for free. We can then tell you if you would be suitable for our premium aligners.

If you are suitable we will send you a link for our smile simulator.

Smile Simulator

See your future smile in 3D, and the difference before and after treatment.

We have developed unique AI technology that before could only be done by coming into a dental clinic.

Save 85% and from home


At clinic



From Home


Now you simply send us your images, and we will send you a 3D smile preview of your future smile. No need to come into clinic thanks to our AI tech.

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