Let's Keep That Smile

Imagine if you could get a fresh supply of retainers every year that kept your teeth as perfect as on the day your treatment was completed. 
For Toothfairy™️ patients, this is now a reality. 

Toothfairy™️ straightening patients are now exclusively able to sign up to our special annual plan – ‘Retainer Club’.  Every year, you’ll get a fresh, new retainer sent directly to your door. This means; reducing the risk of teeth movement; no more wear, tear or cracks; and most importantly more hygienic retainers for you! This can be set as one annual payment or broken down into small amounts paid each month.  

Two simple recurring

Just sign up to the annual or monthly plan and leave the rest up to us! Receive your new aligners every year without having to lift a finger, thanks to the Toothfairy™️
One simple payment each year

Sign up for one payment of £84 every year/retainer

Need one for both arches?

Buy both upper and lower for £75 each retainer. Save 10%

Why join the Toothfairy™️ Retainer Club?

Relapse (movement) of teeth after previous teeth straightening is one of the most common reasons many of our patients seek Toothfairy™️ aligners. This is because many patients were not given retainers to ensure their smile stayed straight after braces treatment, or their retainers were lost/broken over time.  Without adequate long term retention, your teeth will always naturally want to move back into their original position. This is why retainers are so useful for maintaining a perfect smile. 

We recommend for all our patients to wear their retainers ideally every night to prevent the relapsing of their teeth. The more you wear your retainers, the less movement will occur and the straighter your teeth will stay! As you can imagine, by wearing retainers every night, it is very common for them to become worn or cracked in the space of one year, so joining the Retainer Club is the perfect way to replace your old retainer with a clean, shiny new one when needed. 


What are they made from?


Toothfairy™️ Retainers are made from a clear, virtually invisible thermoplastic material. All materials used are BPA free and produced in an award-winning UK dental laboratory. Like with our aligners, Toothfairy™️ Retainers are some of the strongest on the market.

What is the advantage?

Toothfairy™️ Retainer Club means less bacterial build-up, less bad odour and reduced breaks through nighttime grinding. 

Retainer Club allows one retainer per year.