Refiners - What Are They?

Your body is a complex machine, and teeth are no different. Each tooth is layered with collagen fibres, vessels and have strong bone plates surrounding them.

When planning your treatment, moving teeth is like a chess game. One tooth moves to make space for another.

Refiners are special aligners which can be used once treatment is complete to nudge teeth further if needed. 

Why Are They Needed?

Teeth can be stubborn – some roots are longer than others, whilst some have strong elastic collagen fibres that resist tooth movement. 

Everyone’s teeth are different, so refiners may be needed in some cases to push the teeth a little more if they don’t want to behave!

How Can I Get Refiners?

Toothfairy do special discounts for patients with a refiner package. If you need up to four more refiners, the cost of the package is heavily discounted to £99.

This involves taking new measurements and literally re-planning your treatment, like a brand new patient. 

If you think you may need a refiner package, reach out to your dentist and they can assess your case to see if you are suitable.

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