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From international musicians and athletes, to supermodels – all of our patient’s smiles are superstars and deserve cutting edge technology. That’s why our patients are our biggest advocates. Each one of our patients is allocated their own treatment coordinator and dentist. This ensures a professional is by your side throughout the whole treatment.

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Toothfairy Transformations

This patient experienced severe crowding, which prevented them from cleaning adequately. To reduce the risk of gum disease and plaque build-up, we aligned the teeth using our smart planning and Toothy flex aligners.

Correcting overlapped teeth previously required metal braces. But our clear aligners can effortlessly correct these teeth. Finish off with some composite bonding after aligning to create a perfectly symmetrical result.

Teeth that follow a narrow arch are difficult to clean, especially the daily trapping of food and bacteria. Our powerful system can round out the arch and creating smooth curved smile.

Bringing in teeth that are pushed out of an arch can be done using Tooth Fairy aligners. Through careful planning we can move teeth around accurately to ensure a quick and stable finish.

Severe Crowding
Narrow Arch

Spacing is a common issue that can occur due to discrepancies in tooth size and jaw form. With Tooth Fairy services, this patients smile was transformed, with gaps closed, teeth rotated and finished off with composite by a Tooth Fairy dentist. Whitening was included in the plan.

A great case that involved correcting the lower teeth that were crowded and trapping plaque. Once aligned we finished them off with composite bonding to restore the edges of the teeth perfectly.

In this patients case, the central incisors were sticking out, causing an unaesthetic appearance. The lower canine also gave a ‘fangy’ appearance according to the patient and we aligned this using our Toothy aligners.

Goofy Teeth
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Tooth Fairy is different. It’s a service designed and run by dentists.

We partner real dentists with smart tech to give you all the convenience of an award-winning app, without cutting any clinical corners.

Our smart tech helps reveal your smile, with personality and individuality, not a production line smile.

This means you can get straight, healthy teeth to fall in love with, at a smarter price.

That’s a real reason to smile.