New smile, healthier teeth.

Smile Journey

From trapping stains and plaque build up, to a perfect smile. Read about how we improved this smile using our Toothy aligners.

Patient’s aims:

  • Close upper space
  • Bring in teeth backwards
  • Whiten the teeth and improve colour
We finished off this case with our Toothy teeth whitening and bonding, all completed by our Tooth Fairy dentists.
3D plan:

Cutting Edge Tech

Planned using our 3D Dentistry platform

Every treatment plan is carefully designed with the patient’s needs in mind by our own dentists.

  • We rotated the side incisors using our Toothy aligners
  • Corrected the overlapping middle incisors
The patients smile was aligned in 10 aligners. Each aligner gently moved the teeth around like chess, and finished off with a nicely rounded arch.