How Toothfairy™ Use Cutting Edge Technology

Toothfairy is pioneering  digital dentistry 

At Toothfairy we supercharge your dental care using AI technology. Having been the UK’s first dental app to be health regulated, it uses patent-pending technology to ensure patients spend more time being treated by a dentist, and less time travelling or sitting in a dental clinic. 

How do I get straight, healthy teeth with Toothfairy?

Toothfairy™ partners with dentists and uses smart tech to make strong healthy teeth accessible for everyone. You will have a free video consultation with one of our dentists, in which you will have the opportunity to discuss the outcome you want to achieve and have images taken of your teeth. 

You will then have access to a 3D dental plan using smart technology to create a simulation of the process and ultimate outcome of your teeth straightening journey. These plans can be changed as many times as necessary to suit the patient’s ideal result. Every treatment plan is carefully designed with the patient’s needs in mind, so we can modify treatment plans to move a tooth quicker, or slower depending on the patient’s biology. 

What makes our app incredible? 

Medical File

You can add your medical history, dentist details, images of your smile and publish updates for the dentist to review. The app is free for all of our patients.

Dentist on demand 

Your dentist will be on hand at all times, through our secure video link. We can assess your teeth at different angles, as well as answer any queries live. 


Toothfairy is health regulated by the same regulators who assess dental clinics. We are proud to be pioneering the dental sector by being the first dental app to be regulated. 

NHS Tested 

We have tested our app in the NHS, with a 91% patient approval rating and a 4.2 out of 5 rating. 

What are aligners and how does they straighten teeth?

By using  aligner treatment, you can transform your smile discreetly and comfortably with completely transparent, removable aligners. Each aligner is custom made to gradually straighten teeth while being more comfortable than metal wires or braces, and virtually unnoticeable because they are almost invisible. Since these aligners are removable, they are easy to clean and can be taken out effortlessly when needed, such as eating. 

Is our technology safe for teeth straightening? 

As well as being the first dental app in the UK to be health regulated, Toothfairy also works with real dentists to ensure patients only get the best possible treatment. Our patent-pending technology is not only safe; it also makes the process even more accurate and patient-specific. 

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