How to clean your Tooth Fairy aligners

If not looked after properly, aligners can occasionally become stained or odorous. However, don’t worry cleaning your aligners properly is very easy and doesn’t need to take much time. Here’s a few tips: 

1. Use Approved Dental Cleaning Products 

There are many aligner cleaning products on the market – easily available in pharmacies, supermarkets or online. Some of the most commonly used forms of aligner cleaning solution used are aligner cleaning tablets. The popular brands include Retainer Brite and Vitus. These are great at eliminating nearly all (99%) of bacteria and microorganisms that can build up on aligners over time.  In addition to keeping your aligners clean, the tablets can remove some mild staining and keep your aligners smelling fresh! 


2. Avoid using any bleach or mouthwash to soak your aligners

For many patients, mouthwash especially, appears a very logical solution for cleaning aligners. However many studies indicate there is no obvious benefit from using mouthwash. Whilst bleaches may disinfect the aligners, they are very strong and are not suitable for items to be placed in the mouth as improper rinsing increases the risk of irritation in the mouth. Both mouthwash and bleach can cause discolouration and/or staining of the aligners. This is especially common when patients have used a coloured mouthwashes.
Keep the mouthwash for use in the day after eating and when the aligners are out the mouth!  

3. Use a Toothbrush to clean your aligners 

One of the best ways to keep your aligners clear of debris and bits of food which bacteria can feed upon is simply to give them a good brush! Whilst Tooth Fairy aligners are some of the strongest on the market, using a soft or medium toothbrush is better than a hard one. 
We do recommend having a separate toothbrush for cleaning your aligners. Simply place the aligner under cold water and give it a good brush and scrub. It is advisable to do this after every time you eat as well as part of your normal morning and evening brushing routine. There is no need to use toothpaste as this does not help and can actually damage the surface of your aligner due to abrasives present in toothpaste. 
Please remember not to place your aligners in hot/boiling water as this can cause aligner distortion.  


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