How Do I Close Gaps Between My Teeth Using Tooth Fairy Aligners? 

Often your smile is the first thing someone notices when they meet you. Therefore your smile acts as your introduction to the world. However many of us don’t like our teeth (almost 1 in 3). And if we don’t like our teeth, we hold our smile back. 

One of the main causes of people holding their smiles back is due to gaps between some or all of the teeth. This is particularly common when there is a gap between the front teeth (diastema) which are always on show. 

There is some good news though – by choosing Tooth Fairy Aligners, our dentists can design and create a brand new smile for you by closing the gaps! This is primarily done by using our award winning aligners but sometimes can also be supplemented by composite bonding. More will be explained as we go along with this post. 


What Are Gaps In The Teeth and How Do They Form? 

Gaps occur between the teeth due to a variety of reasons. Often this is due to genetic factor, especially when it comes to diastemas. Some of the other main causes of gaps are: 

  • Undersized teeth in relation to the jaw 
  • Missing teeth – either due to genetic reasons or premature tooth loss
  • Misaligned jaw bones 
  • Enlarged labial frenum
  • Gum Disease resulting in rapid uncontrolled movement of teeth
  • Habits – in particular thumb sucking


How will Tooth Fairy Aligners close your gaps?

Tooth Fairy’s award winning aligners are almost completely invisible and sit snugly onto your teeth. They place light forces on the teeth which we want to move and each aligner in the sequence gently moves the required teeth in the desired direction. The number of aligners needed is unique to each case and patient. 
Tooth Fairy’s unique approach to treatment planning allows for very predictable and safe results. Your dentist will create a special 3D image of your teeth highlighting the current and proposed views of your teeth. It is at this point you will be able to see how the Tooth Fairy aligners will close your gaps. You also have the chance to make any changes to the proposed final outcome. It is this careful planning and discussing how best to close your gaps which sets Tooth Fairy apart from other companies.  

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