How do aligners straighten teeth?

How do aligners straighten teeth?

How do the Tooth Fairy invisible aligners, that only weigh a few grams, move teeth in adults?

Well how aligners work is one of the most well kept and simple secrets in orthodontics. We reveal all in this blog post.

The planning stage

  • How does teeth straightening work?
  • How do you plan the tooth movement?

First your Tooth Fairy aligners are planned according to your unique smile. Each patient’s tooth movement is meticulously planned by a technician and a dentist to ensure we achieve the result you want. 

Using orthodontic rules, a tooth can only be moved a certain amount over time in a safe fashion. If your aligners move the teeth too fast – the bone and ligaments to not form properly; if movement is too slow – the patient is wasting time.

Once the tooth movement is treatment planned, then the number of aligners needed are calculated. Different types of aligners are better at moving teeth faster. Aspects like poor measurements, or DIY impressions can result in ill fitting aligners, therefore not moving teeth properly. This is why, unlike other competitors, we at Tooth Fairy 

The movement of the teeth

  • How do the teeth move?
  • How do the aligners push the teeth?

The movement of the teeth occur by gentle guidance by the aligner. The aligner is pre-programmed to where the tooth needs to move, therefore it guides the tooth in the right direction. A good fit of the aligner, along with meticulous planning is key to efficient tooth movement.

The material of the aligners are also important in how much they can move teeth. Not all aligners are the same and the teeth straightening process can differ.


Fact Checked

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