How can I straighten my teeth from home?

Many patients ask us how they can straighten their teeth from home without having to spend lots of time sitting in a dentists waiting room? This now an even important question in a post Covid-19 world. 

One thing Tooth Fairy always discusses with their patients is that we are not a DIY – Do it Yourself – service. This means we do not rely on impressions taken via kits at home. As dentists we find it difficult to take impressions 100% of the time ourselves, due to the shape of teeth, tissues such as cheeks and the tongue, and overall saliva in the mouth distorting the material. Therefore how can we expect our patients to achieve 100% success rates in their impressions? 

Professional braces systems, such as Tooth Fairy, or Invisalign are taken by professional dentists, and not by patients themselves. This is important as if the initial measurements are not done correctly, this means that the aligners will not fit exactly how they should. Poorly fitting aligners results in poor treatment results and unhappy patients! This is something Tooth Fairy feels strongly about. 

What are impression kits that are sent at home for braces/teeth straightening?

Other companies send out impressions kits via post the patients, which comprise of material that is mixed by hand and put inside a generic tray. An important aspect of impressions is the tray which fits inside the patient’s mouth. If this is not correct then the teeth are not fully captured, and the detail required to plan the smile is not confirmed.

Does taking dental impressions / measurements hurt?

If done by a dentist and professionally there is no reason why it should hurt. This is because the correct tray size is chosen, and the right amount of material is added. Through experience, dentists know how much pressure to add and when to remove the dental tray. Whilst not everyone’s favourite experience, there should be no pain involved!

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