Dental Pain - Causes and Treatments

There are many different types of dental pain, all with different causes and varying severity. Not all toothaches are the same: some are experienced as a sharp, sudden pain in one tooth, while others may throb continuously throughout the mouth. If you’re suffering from dental pain, whether it’s mild or severe, it’s important to find out the cause of pain so that the proper treatment can be given. Here are a few examples of dental pain and what might be causing it:

Sensitive teeth

If you have sensitive teeth you may experience tooth pain while eating or drinking foods that are very hot, cold, or sugary. This could mean you have a small area of tooth decay or a loose filling. If the pain lingers or becomes more severe you may require a root canal treatment.

Dull pain near the jaw and sinuses

The jaw and sinuses share the same nerve network, so it can be hard to tell where the pain originates. You may first want to visit a dentist to rule out tooth decay or another dental problem. If your teeth are healthy, the next step may be a visit with a physician to examine your sinuses.

Pain when chewing food

If you have sharp pain when biting down and chewing food, this could lead to cracked or broken tooth, loose filling, or tooth decay. Pain after eating could be due to a number of reasons such as infection or dental abscess. In this case, a root canal is the only solution to save your damaged tooth or else it will have to be removed.

Severe pain on upper teeth 

The upper teeth have the same nerve that the sinus cavity has. If experiencing pain in this region, it could be due to jaw clenching and teeth grinding. You can overcome this problem by visiting a dentist for advice, and in some cases a mouth guard may be needed to wear while sleeping to prevent further damage to the teeth.

Constant pain and discomfort 

If you are experiencing constant pain in your teeth, this is an indication that you have an infection in your mouth. Visit a dentist immediately as they will be able to prescribe the proper treatment, whether that’s medication, root canal procedure or in the worst cases tooth removal.

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