Improving your smile with composite bonding

Once alignment has finished, and your teeth are in the right position, fixing worn edges of teeth is the final icing on the cake. Any uneven edges, or residual spacing can be finished off with composite material. 

What does the process involve?

The procedure for cosmetic bonding first involves matching the filling to the colour of the tooth. The surface of the tooth is then cleaned to create a surface where the bonding material can easily attach to, followed by a dental adhesive which allows the dentist to stick the white filling to the tooth. Next, bonding material is applied to the surface of teeth, sculpted and shaped for a natural look. The filling is layered in small increments before a blue light is used to harden and solidify it, securing the bonding in place. 
All of this is pain free, involves no removal or damage to the tooth, and is completely reversible. The procedure is low risk and high reward, and can give that final wow factor to teeth that are now in the perfect position to be finished off. 

Why is bonding a great option? 

  • Completely safe and non-invasive procedure
  • Doesn’t drill or damage teeth
  • Is reversible so doesn’t have to be permanent – Quick and pain free
  • Can be easily repaired if needed
  • Kind to teeth!
Toothfairy offer their existing alignment patients a massive discount of over 50% for composite bonding, which is to ensure you have a smile you are super happy with.​

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