The recent figures show that nearly 10% of all dental treatment is an urgent appointment. But what happens to patients when their dentist isn't available to deliver advice? There is a large gap in patients accessing dental care out of hours, and the Tooth Fairy app helps fill this important void.


Our aligners are created by master technicians at a UK based orthodontic specialist lab.


They are the exact same aligners you would receive at your local dental clinic, along with the same professional guidance through your treatment. 

Specialist lab

Our aligners are made at a UK based award winning lab, with over a decade of experience in creating aligners for patients.

Trusted By Dentists

Our aligners are also used by dentists for their patients in clinics across the country. So you can rest knowing you have an industry trusted product.

premium quality

Our aligners are made from premium material that help patients achieve optimal results that are scientifically proven.


Tooth Fairy



Virtually Invisible

High Quality

Specialist Ortho Lab

UK Based Dentists

Video Call Reviews

Reduce Dental Visits


Trusted by Dentists 



Quality dependent

Variable - Not always

Variable - Not always







Direct Providers



Quality dependent

Variable - Not always

Variable - Not always

Variable - Not always


Unsafe levels 






Our dentists do a full orthodontic exam themselves. We do not ask you to see other dentists for their examination results, as things can be missed and not related to braces.

accurate impressions

We conduct our own impressions and measurements. DIY kits can result in errors in the impressions, with repeats often required. Our dentists have been trained to ensure accurate measurements.

quality Care

A dentist is by your side throughout your treatment through our app. We ensure you receive the same quality of care you would expect if you were being treated in clinic.

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