Getting straight teeth doesn't have to be inconvenient. With our unique dental app, a dentist can monitor your progress in real time. We want patients to spend less time taking time off work to travel to a dentist, and more time actually being treated.


Our Patent Pending video calling technology means that patients can achieve professional results, without having to sacrifice seeing a dentist in their experience. 


Many problems that occur from orthodontics are due to ill-fitting aligners, that arise from poor impressions. That's why we always ensure we take impressions of your teeth to allow accurate planning.


Submit images for a free e-consultation today to see if you are eligible for our premium clear braces. 

Our dentists are trained and perform treatment in the UK. No sending impressions abroad, and no cutting corners. You will be allocated a personal dentist who will review your treatment, at a time that suits you.


We do not rely on others to do our exam for us. Why? Because you deserve the best. From the initial exam, our dentist will review your full mouth and take a scan of your teeth. Unlike our competitors we do not send out impression kits for you to make impressions yourself, which results in delays, repeat impressions and even ill-fitting braces due to deformities in the impressions.


All of our dentists are professional dentists, working and regulated in the UK. They have experience in offering braces to patients and work within the guidelines of the General Dental Council.



Save up to 50% compared to high street prices. 

Our treatment cost, start to finish is fixed. This includes all the aligners you need, as well as any replacements due to loss or breakage.

There really is nothing more to say.


Our treatment package includes:

  • Lost retainers - replaced at no extra charge

  • Broken retainers - replaced at no extra charge

  • Total cost is from start to finish

  • Spread the cost across 12 months - Explore our plans here

Our aligners are fabricated in the UK by an award-winning laboratory. They are the exact same aligners you would receive in the dental clinic. The following points make our whole treatment experience seamless: 


  • Professional Aligners delivered directly to you

  • Your own allocated personal dentist monitoring your progress at each step

  • Less taking time off work to see a dentist for reviews

  • Less expensive travel expenses or loss of earnings 



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