5 Common Questions About Tooth Fairy Aligners

5 Common Questions about Tooth Fairy Aligners 1. Will people be able to see them? Tooth Fairy Aligners are made from strong clear material meaning they are virtually invisible making it very hard for people to notice. No metal brackets or wires are placed unlike in conventional braces. In some cases, small attachments may be

The health benefits of straight teeth

The health benefits associated with having straight teeth The cosmetic benefits of straight teeth are well known, but are you aware of the dental and general health benefits? Tooth Fairy aligners create straight smiles which have a positive impact on your dental health, general health and mental well-being.    Less Bacteria in the Mouth  It

Why do I need remove my aligners when eating?

Why do I need to remove my aligners when eating? To Avoid Staining Aligners are made form thermoplastic meaning they are very susceptible to picking up stains from everyday food and drink. This staining is permanent and cannot be reversed so you need to be careful! This includes common liquids such as coffee, tea, soft drinks

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening – how does it work? Thinking of undergoing teeth whitening but not too sure what the process is like?  Or have you found yourself staring at your teeth on those lockdown video calls thinking “I need some teeth whitening!” Tooth whitening involves gently bleaching the teeth to make them whiter in appearance. Home whitening,

How do aligners straighten teeth?

How do aligners straighten teeth? How do aligners straighten teeth? How do the Tooth Fairy invisible aligners, that only weigh a few grams, move teeth in adults? Well how aligners work is one of the most well kept and simple secrets in orthodontics. We reveal all in this blog post. The planning stage How does

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