Home Remedies On How To Deal With Toothache

A toothache is a dental emergency that can suddenly arise for many different reasons. Whether it is because of gum disease, sensitive teeth, or a fractured tooth, toothaches are always painful and unpleasant. Read on to learn about common toothache causes, what can you do for a toothache, and when to see your dentist.

Accelerated Orthodontics – How Does It Work?

How It Works – Accelerated Orthodontics How brief daily vibration affects teeth straightening treatment with clear aligners Moving teeth using clear aligners doesn’t always follow the treatment plan generated by the computer and AI technology. When patients’ aligners are changed more frequently, the deficiency in tracking may increase. Recently, it has been shown that high-frequency

How Are Toothfairy Aligners And Retainers Made?

How Are Toothfairyâ„¢ Aligners Made? What are aligners?  The aligner is a device that helps align your teeth. It fits over the upper and lower teeth and gradually moves them into the correct position with gentle pressure. The aligner should be worn for 22 hours per day during treatment to help move teeth more quickly,

5 Ways To Stop Bleeding Gums

How To Stop Bleeding Gums You may think it is normal if your gums bleed when you brush or floss your teeth, but bleeding from the gums indicates an underlying problem. Many factors can contribute to bleeding gums, such as brushing too vigorously, injury, pregnancy, and inflammation. Gum inflammation can cause redness, tenderness, and swelling,

How to Prevent Cavities and Tooth Decay

How to Prevent Cavities and Tooth Decay: A Guide From Toothfairyâ„¢ How do you prevent cavities and tooth decay? Toothfairyâ„¢ is here to help! We are dental professionals that specialize in dental care. Our dental blog discusses the most common dental health problems. We strive to educate people on how they can take care of

Aligners vs Retainers – What is The Difference? ​

What is The Difference Between Aligners And Retainers? Straight teeth and a perfect smile are a goal for many people. It can take time and money to achieve this, and with so many different dental products out there how can you know which ones to choose? Many people have heard of aligners and retainers, but

Teeth Straightening with Toothfairyâ„¢

Teeth Straightening with Toothfairyâ„¢ Welcome to the future of dental care: technology-enhanced teeth straightening with clear aligners. Getting teeth straightening often means choosing between long waits at the dentist or going DIY. Since the pandemic, it has become increasingly hard for people to get access to a dentist. Toothfairyâ„¢ offers a better way for our

Wisdom Teeth Removal and Recovery

What You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth: Removal and Recovery Wisdom teeth grow at the back of your gums. They are often referred to as wisdom teeth, third molars, or even supernumerary wisdom teeth. The wisdom tooth is the last tooth to come through and usually does so in late teens or early twenties. These

Toothfairy â„¢ Uses AI Dentistry

Toothfairyâ„¢ Uses AI Dentistry to Track Patients’ Treatment How do Toothfairyâ„¢ Use Smart Tech to Straighten Teeth?  Toothfairyâ„¢ uses AI technology to detect and track patients’ teeth movement throughout treatment. The award-winning medically certified app includes AI technology to create a 3D dental plan of patients’ teeth. Using this plan, the patent-pending smart technology is

How Toothfairyâ„¢ Use Cutting Edge Technology

  How Toothfairyâ„¢ Use Cutting Edge Technology Toothfairyâ„¢ is pioneering  digital dentistry  At Toothfairyâ„¢ we supercharge your dental care using AI technology. Having been the UK’s first dental app to be health regulated, it uses patent-pending technology to ensure patients spend more time being treated by a dentist, and less time travelling or sitting in a dental