What Can & Can’t An Emergency Dentist Do? ​ – Toothfairy App

There are many reasons people visit an emergency dentist, from root canals to chipped teeth. Emergencies can also happen when you least want them to. Whether you have swollen gums or pain from a wisdom tooth, it’s important to know what to expect during an emergency dental visit. 

Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth? – Toothfairy App

Often between the ages 17 and 21, most adults will develop their third set of molars. These molars are more commonly called wisdom teeth.  Wisdom teeth are a bit of a mystery to most people. Why would we develop teeth that, in most cases, just end up being pulled out? While wisdom teeth are something

How to Fix An Overbite: Treatment Options – Toothfairy App

If your top front teeth overlap your bottom front teeth, you have have an overbite. Most people have an overbite ranging from normal to severe, but a severe overbite could require treatment with braces or surgery. They can cause health issues down the line, like the inability to chew or speech impediments. But luckily, innovations

Do Teeth Whitening Strips Actually Work? – Toothfairy App

Teeth whitening is very popular at the moment as everyone wants a lovely white smile to match their summer tan. Brightening up your teeth is a great way to enhance your smile and give you a confidence boost.  If you visit your local pharmacy, you’ll likely see many products claiming to whiten your teeth. Home

How to Treat Burned Gums From Teeth Whitening – Toothfairy App

Everyone experiences gum irritation from teeth whitening to some degree. If you've ever burned the inside of your mouth on hot food or drink, you know that irritating your oral cavity's soft tissue can be seriously painful. Hot foods and drinks aren't the only things that can burn or irritate your soft tissue, including your

Home Remedies On How To Deal With Toothache

A toothache can be caused by anything from a popcorn hull stuck in your gum to a broken tooth or a bacterial infection. Some toothaches may come from temporary gum irritation. But serious toothaches need treatment by a dental professional to resolve the pain and whatever problem is causing it. The obvious solution to any

How to Book A Dentist Appointment? – Toothfairy App

Maintaining your teeth, gums and general dental health is essential for your overall health and well-being. However, sometimes scheduling a dentist appointment can feel impossible, particularly if you’re switching to a new dentist. The main points to consider when making a dental appointment are research and preparation. Follow these three steps to make booking a

How to Know If You Have a Cavity

The health of your teeth is key to your overall health. Preventing tooth decay or cavities is one of the most important ways to keep your teeth in good condition and to prevent other complications. Cavities left untreated can destroy your teeth and possibly create more serious issues.That’s why it helps to know the signs

Can Teeth be Straightened at Any Age?

One question that many adults ask when seeking dental treatment is, can teeth be straightened at any age? A simple answer to this question is yes! Adults can have orthodontic treatment to correct the same dental issues that teenagers and young adults might experience. In reality, there is no age limit for straightening teeth.

Overjet vs Overbite: What’s The Difference?

Patients often seek aligners as a solution for crooked teeth. However, there are instances where our dental problems come from our bites or the way the upper and lower teeth line up. Two common types of poor bites are overjet and overbite. These two orthodontic conditions can be severe but are highly treatable, and understanding

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