We're obsessed with your smile.

Pro Dentistry.

Invisible like the Tooth Fairy.

It’s a magical piece of dentistry.
It has flexible features that can transform smiles, precisely cut to hug every groove of your teeth.
No matter where you are, when coupled with our award winning app – it ensures smiles are being transformed.

Durable, crystal clear material. It’s our Pro aligners known as Toothy’s.

*Only takes 1 minute*

Dentist Led.

Dentist prescribed treatment plan.

Tooth Fairy aligners are prescribed for your smile, depending on your individual needs. Not everyones smile is the same, so neither is their treatment. Every individual movement is tailor made for your smile.

What makes a Tooth Fairy Smile?

3D Technology

Each patient receives a 3D preview of their smile before starting, where they can see the smile in all angles, the duration of treatment and the before and after result.

Dentist’s Detail

Not all straightening is the same or effective. We use trained dentists to plan tooth movement in a sequence, like chess, to get you your perfect smile.

Award Winning App

A dentist is by your side, through our award-winning dental app. Spend less time sitting in waiting rooms, whilst we bring the dentist to you.


Every aspect of the treatment is tailor-made for you. Your final smile is made to how you want it, including a stable bite – which is needed to eat and speak well.