AI Track Feature - Toothfairy™ App

Monitor your treatment with Toothfairy™ 

To help our dentists assess your progress and keep track of treatment, patients should upload images of their teeth to our AI Track feature every 2 weeks. Toothfairy’s smart technology is able to track the movement of teeth throughout treatment to determine if teeth are moving quicker or slower than expected, or if any changes need to be made to the treatment plan. 

How to use – 

  • Make sure you’ve downloaded the Toothfairy app and set up a profile using your details (address, date of birth, profile image) 
  • Open the AI Track feature which can be unlocked with the promotion code given to you by the dentist. 
  • Select upload and submit a clear image of your teeth using the picture below as an example. 

Make sure to submit images every 2 weeks when you change your aligner. This is important for us to keep a record of your treatment and helps the dentists identify any issues that need to be addressed. 

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