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How brief daily vibration affects teeth straightening treatment with clear aligners

Moving teeth using clear aligners doesn’t always follow the treatment plan generated by the computer and AI technology. When patients’ aligners are changed more frequently, the deficiency in tracking may increase. Recently, it has been shown that high-frequency acceleration (vibration) has the ability to increase the rate of tooth movement. It does this by targeting the periodontal ligament (PDL), therefore speeding up the treatment process. This could mean that daily application of vibration will increase the efficiency of teeth straightening aligners by stimulating bone remodeling factors in the PDL without increasing discomfort or pain. A study was conducted to measure the effects of brief daily vibration using clear aligners, to determine whether it could help straighten teeth more quickly, more effectively, and with less discomfort during treatment.

Study methods

In this study of accelerated orthodontics, sixty subjects were recruited and divided into five groups changing clear aligners at different time intervals with or without vibration application for 5 minutes per day. After four aligners, images were scanned and superimposed, and the rate of movement of one lower tooth was measured. We evaluated the level of cytokines at the end of the second aligner, and assessed pain using a numeric rating scale at days 1 and 3 after each aligner change.

Study results

This study was very effective in demonstrating that short daily vibration treatment could significantly reduce the time intervals between aligners, as well as the pain experienced while straightening teeth with aligners. Also, the tooth movement tracked lined up more closely to the end of treatment prediction. This effect was accompanied by higher levels of cytokines and bone remodeling markers as well as lower levels of pain and discomfort.


In conclusion, daily vibration treatment produced great results and significantly reduced the time needed for teeth correction with clear aligners. This could be a great way to speed up the process of teeth aligning treatment, and also reduce pain and discomfort levels experienced by patients.

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