Dental Emergency

On Demand.

Tooth Fairy partners real dentists with smart tech to put strong healthy teeth in everyone’s reach. 

If you have a dental emergency, pain, discomfort or need dental advice, our dentists are here to help you.

Through our safe, and health regulated app, we can connect you to a dentist via secure video call for advice and assessment of your issues.

If you are unable to access a dentist out of hours or are not registered with a dentist, our platform is here to help you.

How does it work?


Simply download the Tooth Fairy app and be connected to a dentist in minutes. 

Our dentists are trained in dental emergencies and can help you manage any issues you have.

Simply go to your mobile app store and search for Tooth Fairy. Create a profile in within minutes you can be speaking to one of our trained dentists. 

1. Request

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2. Connect with our

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3. Start speaking within

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How much does it cost?

One Simple Cost

Download the app and create a profile for free. 

Watch free educational dental videos in app.

Want to speak to a dentist? 

Simple fixed fee of


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