A dentist in minutes in your pocket

Now you can access dental treatments more affordably and conveniently, meaning less visits, and more time saved.

A dentist in minutes in your pocket


The World's Dental App

(We’ve got the awards to prove it)


Getting healthy teeth often means choosing between long waits in a dental waiting room or going for risky DIY dentistry. Now you can see a real dentist, with less clinic visits and more cost savings.

We allow millions to emergencies, advice & cosmetics

From our on demand dentist helpline, to prescriptions in minutes. We are the world’s first digital dental clinic, offering support and assistance for a range of dental issues, simply through your phone.

24/7 Dentist Helpline

24/7 Dentist Helpline

Winner of 'App of the Year' at the Dental Industry Awards

Emergencies & Prescriptions

Emergencies & Prescriptions

Tested in the NHS with a 91% patient approval rating

Cosmetics & Straightening

Cosmetics & Straightening

The first dental app to achieve health regulation in the UK ensuring your safety

by the world's biggest companies 🚀

1,000,000 days every year

Every year over a million days are missed off work due to dental issues, learn how much it costs companies due to sickness and absence.

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10 100,000

Award Innovation 🚀

Toothfairy® is different (we’ve got the awards to prove it).

It’s a service designed and run by dentists. We partner real dentists with smart tech to give you all the convenience of an award-winning app, without cutting any clinical corners. 

This means you can get straight, healthy teeth to fall in love with, at a smarter price. That’s a real reason to smile.

Award winning tooth fairy teledentistry