Dentistry is now

With Toothfairy® we supercharge your dental care using AI technology

Dentistry is now {safe, quick, affordable}

The World's Dental App

Getting healthy teeth often means choosing between long waits in a dental waiting room or going for risky DIY dentistry. We offer a better way for our patients to uptake dentistry.

App of the Year Winners

App of the Year Winners

Winner of 'App of the Year' at the Dental Industry Awards

Tested in the NHS

Tested in the NHS

91% patient approval rating from NHS dental patients

Fully Health Regulated

Fully Health Regulated

The first dental app to achieve health regulation in the UK ensuring your safety

Tooth Fairy™ vs. Others

Tooth Fairy™

£1399/ mild case

Traditional Dentist


DIY / Online


Dentist Led
Do it Yourself
24/7 Dentist Supervision

Hello Teeth, 🚀

Toothfairy® uses technology to help the millions of patients every year who cannot access a dentist. 

With its propriety, patent-pending technology, we provide solution through software.

Toothfairy® is different. 

It’s a service designed and run by dentists. We partner real dentists with smart tech to give you all the convenience of an award-winning app, without cutting any clinical corners. 

This means you can get straight, healthy teeth to fall in love with, at a smarter price. That’s a real reason to smile.

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